A lesson tracking website for ASU

SeatSignal is a project that aims to help students catch seats in the classes they want.
Students purchase slots that last for the whole semester and set the lessons that they want to be notified about.
It has a bot that checks the lessons that they want every minute and notifies them via SMS and Email when seats have been found.

Technologies used: Sveltekit, Netlify, Planetscale, Firebase, Golang, Stripe, Amazon SES, Amazon SNS,, Edge Functions, Tailwind

This site

The site you're currently viewing.

Features a home page, projects page and an automatic post system.
The automatic post system receives its contents from markdown files for each post stored in the source files, translates them to html/css and displays them with my styling.
The code parts of the posts use the Night Owl theme and Source Code Pro for the font.

Technologies used: Node, Svelte, Sveltekit, Netlify


Todo app

A simple Todo app

Todo is a simple, relatively good looking Todo app.
Made with the focus of learning Firebase (initially Pocketbase) and Tailwind.
Features realtime updates between devices, PWA-like download, Google login.

Technologies used: Firebase, Svelte, Netlify, Tailwind, Node


Crosswordle game

A wordle inspired game crossword twist!

Using wordle's fun word searching idea, you solve a crossword build out of multiple sized words.
Currently has limited puzzles, with the ability to switch through them with by applying a #(0-4) at the end of the url.
I also made a Puzzle Creator helper to make puzzle creation much easier.

Technologies used: Node, Svelte, Netlify

Elective Sorter

elective-sorter game

A helper tool to sort the elective lessons in order of preference.

Designed for the Medicine Degree of the NKUA, this tool helps the difficult decision of the order of preference for their elective lesson.
It utilizes Pairwise Comparisons to make simple, managable decisions and is equiped with an algorithm to reduce the amount of needed comparisons.
Project is written in Greek.

Technologies used: Node, Svelte, Sveltekit, Tailwind, Netlify

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